Lactation Support in the Workplace

Lactation Support in the WorkplaceResearch shows that providing a lactation support program is not only highly desired by breastfeeding employees who return to work after childbirth, it can also improve your company’s return on investment (ROI) by saving money in health care and employee expenses. The bottom line is breastfeeding is good for business.

Many employers struggle to retain valued employees after the birth of a child. Companies successful at retaining these employees find that two components of a lactation support program can make the difference: providing dedicated space (as small as 4′ x 5′) for breastfeeding employees to express milk in privacy, and providing worksite lactation support.

The payoff is significant: more satisfied, loyal employees and cost savings to the business. These savings are seen in such areas as:

  • Retention of experienced employees;
  • Reduction in sick time taken by both moms and dads for children’s illnesses; and
  • Lower health care and insurance costs.

The US Department of Health and Human Services offers a resource for employers that can help you implement a lactation support program. The Business Case for Breastfeeding is a comprehensive program designed to educate employers about the value of supporting breastfeeding employees in the workplace. The program highlights how such support contributes to the success of the entire business. The Business Case for Breastfeeding offers tools to help employers provide worksite lactation support and privacy for breastfeeding mothers to express milk. The program also offers guidance to employees on breastfeeding and working. Resources to help lactation specialists and health professionals to educate employers in their communities are also available.


New York State Department of Health, in partnership with New York State WIC, also offers a resource to assist employers. The Making it Work Toolkit will assist employers in complying with state and federal laws.  It explains the basic needs of employees, common sense solutions, resources, and FAQs.  A helpful Checklist for Employers is included to assist supervisors to plan for employee lactation accommodation requests.


Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network can provide technical support as you implement lactation support in the workplace. Call us at 315-732-4657 for more information.

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